About us


La Vie Model Agency is an agency that searches and trains new talents in fashion, cinema and advertising, in order to promote and represent them throughout the national and international territory. And it is an active partner of the international network of recognized and accredited fashion agencies.

In the audiovisual channel (film and advertising productions) our models are represented by the fashion and cinema agencies belonging to La vie Model Agency’s network.

There are many talents and many professionals inside the agency, and there are many other models belonging to other agencies in our network that can work with us. Everyone has adequate training, professional competence and experience.

Reference targets:
• Fashion Agencies (National and International Network)
• Clothing brands
• Footwear brands
• Style and Fitting Office
• Film and TV productions (commercials, short films, TV series, films)
• Advertising Agencies (Press campaigns and ADV Visual for external companies)
• Organization of events and fashion shows
• Photography studios


The company that chooses the models of La Vie Model Agency acquires added value in its advertising campaign, because having an experienced model means optimizing the work of all the company's partners who contribute to the realization of the job or event: identifying the company brand or the product communicated through a face in line with the product itself, means giving personality to the advertising message conveyed and increasing the value of reliability, and Brand Awareness itself (positioning of the brand in relation to the public to which it is addressed, and measurement that customers are able to recognize it).

For this reason, for La Vie Model Agency it is essential to best prepare and train the model that is proposed to the target audience.


La Vie Model Agency wants to focus on the local area and offers to companies, and to public and private productions, a high profile service with male and female models who can also come from other external fashion agencies, in order to be able to expand the offer of choice, with a price appropriate to the service offered.

The agency believes in synergy work within a recognized network, because it means expanding its experiential and professional background.

Bringing a global experience within a local commercial factory is very important, in order to stylistically elevate the communication work of local corporate brands and therefore be competitive in the reference market.